Wireless Value is a ‘design centre’ for wireless products. In addition to the development and production of wireless measuring and control systems, Wireless Value deploys its expertise for a wide range of wireless products. Our product range of our expertise when applying wireless technology in advanced products such as the HIC meter and Triple A meter. Our engineers constantly work together to develop new, innovative products and functionalities. In addition to our aim of bringing our products to an even higher level, we gladly work in concert with our commissioning parties if there is a need for a custom made solution or an entirely new development.



The wireless HIC meter, the Swing Impact Tester and the Triple A Meter are equipped with certified accelerometers, a battery, a Bluetooth module and electronics for carrying out the measurement and the wireless sending of the measuring values to a mobile telephone with an Android control system.

The wireless technology ensures the simple operation of the measuring instruments. Because you don’t need a computer or other aids, measurements are conducted quickly and easily.

Our report tools excel in user friendliness and inspection reports can be generated automatically.