The wireless Triple A Meter is the next step in our development. The wireless operation and data transfer ensures ease of use, quick and easy set up for measurement and independence of the software platform. Our engineers have created a sophisticated design that offers the choice on the handheld device between a laboratory test and a field test. As a result you are sure that the measurements are conducted in accordance with the required standards.

Certification of our Triple A Meter is conducted by an NEN 17025 accredited laboratory.



You can easily set up and control the Triple A Meter. The drop weight is connected by a magnetic contact. You can give the drop command with the handheld device, prompting the electronics to send all measuring data to the handheld device. Next, the shock absorption, the vertical deformation and the energy restitution of the test will be displayed on the handheld device. Before you conduct a measurement, you can choose the environment in which it is to take place: laboratory or field.

The data can be sent to a laptop or a PC from the telephone via email, cloud service or bluetooth.

AAA meter detail