The wireless Triple A Meter is the next step in our development. The wireless operation and data transfer ensures ease of use, quick and easy set up for measurement and independence of the software platform. Our engineers have created a sophisticated design that offers the choice on the handheld device between a laboratory test and a field test. As a result you are sure that the measurements are conducted in accordance with the required standards. Certification of our Triple A Meter is conducted by an NEN 17025 accredited laboratory.


AAA meter

Advanced Artificial Athlete (Triple A) meter

In the 80’s the first Artificial Athlete meters were designed. There were two versions: the Stuttgart and the Berlin AA meter. Mechanically, both meters were largely identical.

To make measuring the shock absorption of the surface easier, the AAA Meter has been developed. In addition to shock absorption and vertical deformation, the AAA Meter also measures the energy restitution.

The AAA meter has a fall mechanism with a built-in accelerometer and only uses one spring. During and after the fall, the AAA meter records the acceleration as a function of time. The sensor determines the shock absorption, the vertical deformation and the energy restitution in same fall.

The proprietary software ensures the correct calculations and the wireless ease of operation with the handheld device ensures simple and fast measurements.

The slim-line design of the AAA meter ensures easy transport and handling.

AAA meterAAA meter