The Swing Impact Tester is an iteration of the HIC impact meter. In accordance with EN 1176-2 and EN71-8 this impact tester is used for measuring the impact of a swing element such as a swing, a family swing or other swinging playground element.

The wireless Swing Impact Tester consists of a metal sphere (a dummy head), which is fitted with various certified acceleration sensors. The sphere impact value can be calculated by measuring the impact at the moment that the swing element makes contact.


Swing Impact Tester

Swings, family swings or other swing elements can have a heavy impact if they collide with a child. For this reason these elements have to be tested in accordance with EN 71-8 to keep the impacts at a safe level.

We have designed an iteration of our HIC meter to conduct measurements in accordance with EN 71-8. In addition, we have made the design in such a way that the Swing Impact Tester can also be used for measuring HIC values of fall surfaces with a simple adjustment.

You give the drop command using the handheld device, after which the sphere measures the impact of the collision. Next, this measuring data is sent wirelessly to your mobile telephone or tablet.

The data can later be sent through your phone or tablet to the reporting software. This extremely user friendly reporting software can add additional data such as photos, place, type of device used and shock absorption. Next, an inspection report is automatically generated.