Letting children play carefree

Safety is of crucial importance for playground equipment. Accidents can happen and an unsafe fall surface regularly causes injury to children. What about you? Is your play environment safe? Does the fall surface meet the mandatory EN 1177 standards? With the Wireless HIC-meter, the Swing Element Meter and the Triple A Meter you can check this both quickly and easily.



In 2008 we developed a wireless HIC meter together with our partners. This wireless HIC meter was the first impact meter that could be operated using wireless technology. The ease of use combined with user friendly software offers great benefits to our clients. The HIC meter is able to quickly and easily calculate the following values:

  • Fall height
  • Drop speed
  • Fall time
  • Impact value
  • Critical fall height

Thanks to the good relationship we have with our clients and various knowledge centres an iteration of the HIC sphere has been developed to measure the impact of swings and swing elements.

A further expansion of our product line is the development of a wireless Triple A (advanced artificial athlete) meter in our product range.

For all our equipment we use the highest quality materials. The sensors used are among the most accurate of their kind and our software is extensively tested before release.

It’s not without reason that our equipment meets all requirements, which means we can provide our sensors with a calibration certificate upon request. Our HIC meter and Triple A Meter are also certifiable in accordance with all required standards.