The quality of the fall surface can change over the course of time. For example due to sand and dirt, more intensive use, weather influences or material ageing. Regularly carrying out an HIC measurement is therefore important for maintaining quality. With the wireless HIC meter you can carry this out quickly and easily. This way you can implement a fully fledged measurement programme in just a few minutes and the corresponding software package will then generate a complete report. This gives you instantaneous information about the safety of the fall surface and means you will know for sure that children can carry on playing without the need to worry.



The wireless HIC meter is supplied in a handy carrying case including:

  • Wireless HIC meter
  • Android smartphone equipped with BlueImpact software
  • Handle
  • Charger
  • Installation CD with PC application
  • Temperature and relative humidity meter (optional)

On request the wireless HIC meter is available with:

  1. Calibration certificate for the accelerometers
  2. Certificate for the HIC sphere
  3. Calibration and Certification is conducted by NEN 17025 certified laboratories.